Although used for many years for rehabilitation and recreation, Equestrian as a sport was included in the programme of the Paralympic Games for the first time in Atlanta in 1996. Equestrian is a multi-disability sport, open to athletes with a physical disability or a visual impairment. Events are mixed and grouped according to their functional profiles.

Riders compete in two Dressage events; a Championship Test of set movements and a Freestyle Test to music. There is also a Team Test for three to four riders per team.

 Competitors are judged on their display of horsemanship skills as they ride their horse using a series of commands for walk, trot and canter. Riders may use permitted assistive devices such as dressage crops, a connecting rein bar, rubber bands or other aids.

Since 2006, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) is the governing body.
In August 2009 the FEI European & Open Para Equestrian Championship took place in Kristiansand with 78 riders from 22 countries competing in the event.

For more detailed information on Equestrian, please visit the FEI website at www.fei.org.

Trinidad and Tobago Equestrian Association:

President: Carl Chatoor

Secretary:  Alex Hopday

Email:  tteasecretarygeneral@yahoo.com
Website:  www.ttequestrian.org/