Boccia is a test of muscle control and accuracy, requiring high focus and concentration. The goal of the sport is to throw/bowl game balls so they land as close as possible to a special target ball, the 'jack'. In 2009 Boccia is practiced in more than 50 countries and is open to athletes with cerebral palsy or related neurological conditions using a wheelchair. It has been developed for many years as a leisure activity and as a competitive sport and it was introduced at the New York 1984 Paralympic Games. Boccia has no counterpart in the Olympic programme.

All events are mixed gender and feature individual, pair and team competitions for a total of seven medal events. The game consists of four rounds, in individuals and pairs, and of six rounds in the team division. It is played on a marked court, usually with a hard surface. Boccia is governed by the International Boccia Commission, a committee of the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA).