T&T Sailing Association

Sailing is a relatively recent sport at the Paralympic Games. The Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games introduced Sailing as a demonstration sport, leading to its acceptance as a full medal sport at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. This sport is open to athletes with an amputation, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, spinal injuries and les autres.
The Sailing classification system is based on four factors - stability, hand function, mobility and vision. Athletes compete in three events, which are non-gender specified: The Single-Person and Three-Person Keelboats are open to most disability groups, while the Two-Person Keelboat event is specifically designed for athletes with a severe disability.

The sport is governed by the International Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS), which closely co-operates with the International Sailing Federation (World Governing Body for Sailing). The sport has grown rapidly and in 2009 has over 70 countries active in Sailing for persons with a disability at a development and national competition level.
For more detailed information on Sailing, please visit the IFDS website at

Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association

President:  David Leighton

Secretary:   Anthony Edwards


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