Ricky Singh

Mr. Ricky Singh began his competitive wheelchair career in the “2nd annual Tobago Wheelchair Classic” and “UWI Spec International Half Marathon 2005.” He set the wheelchair category course record of one hour, thirty eight minutes and thirteen seconds (1:38.13), and broke his own record to set a new record of one hour, thirty three minutes and forty three point two seconds (1:33.43.2) in the following year.
He has competed in numerous national competitions, winning and placing in all such as the “Flora Heart race”, the “Rotary Club Chariton”, the “Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee” and the “One for Charity Open Wheel Chair Race”.  In November 2010, Mr. Singh took home the first place prize in the UWI Spec International Half Marathon despite the gruesome weather and slippery roads.

Mr. Singh is extremely enthusiastic and committed to his racing career and looks forward to competing in international and regional events in the future.