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History of the Paralympic Games and the Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC)

Paralympic Games
On 28 July 1948, the Opening Day of the London Olympic Games, in Stoke Mandeville England a sport competition was held for World War II veterans with a spinal cord injury. Four years later an international movement was born as competitors from Holland joined these games.

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Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC)

In 1977, the late Mr. Kenwyn "Kenny" Rodriguez HBG founded the Pioneer Sports and Social Club (PSSC). The organization was run by persons with disabilities (PWDs).

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    Vision and Mission

    Vision: A thriving and inspired community of persons with disabilities engaged in Para sports, recreational and social activities ably supported by a network of individuals, sports organisations, community and government groups working together to instil a sense of confidence, empowerment and pride. Mission: Develop and strengthen the Paralympic Movement in Trinidad and Tobago through sport and sport-related opportunities for persons with disabilities, so that they can fulfil their personal potential and fully participate in their community.