Vision and Mission

Vision:  A thriving and inspired community of persons with disabilities engaged in Para sports, recreational and social activities ably supported by a network of individuals, sports organisations, community and government groups working together to instil a sense of confidence, empowerment and pride.

Mission:  Develop and strengthen the Paralympic Movement in Trinidad and Tobago through sport and sport-related opportunities for persons with disabilities, so that they can fulfil their personal potential and fully participate in their community.

  • Sport - that is both fun and an agent for personal and social growth.
  • Athlete Focus - acting in the best interests of the athletes.
  • Excellence - the pursuit and achievement of excellence in all interests.
  • Equity - exemplified by fairness, opportunity, integrity and trust.
  • Leadership - providing leadership in the advancement of the Paralympic Movement.

Core Values and Principles:

Core values

In support of our Mission and Vision, TTPC will promote corporate ethos which values the contributions of its staff and stakeholders and the effective management of its resources. Our Paralympic Values are:

  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Inspiration
  • Equality


  • Client focus: We value and involve our Stakeholders and strive to remain responsive to their needs
  • Results Oriented: We recognize the importance of measuring performance, providing demonstrable value for our Stakeholders and remaining accountable for results.
  • Best Practice: We champion best practices to achieve high quality standards of service and efficiency.
  • Partnerships: We appreciate the importance and benefits of partnerships internally and with other Associations and the Private Sector.
  • Professionalism: We promote mutual respect, integrity and a culture of personal and professional development.


  • To be a World Class High Performance Democratic Sporting Organization recognised for adhering to sound values and principles and for dedication to excellence.
  • To ensure that all member organizations have active and self-sustaining "Paralympic Arms" facilitating the delivery of quality programmes and services in their respective sporting disciplines within the Paralympic Movement.
  • To create a solid and sustainable human capital and financial foundation ensuring the long-term viability of TTPC.
  • To develop a TTPC brand which ensures that it is well defined, clearly understood values and recognized locally, regionally and internationally.
  • To ensure that TTPC excels in fulfilling its mandate and responsibilities as the National Sport Federation responsible for the management, growth, sustainability and governance of the Paralympic Sport Movement in Trinidad and Tobago Ø To provide an environment which enables Paralympic athletes to achieve excellence in their varies sporting disciplines and provides inspiration for persons with disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago


  • To implement best practice and state of the art technology in respect of Administration, ICT, Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Public Relations and Outreach to support its mandate.
  • To promote and contribute to the development of sporting opportunities, from grassroots to elite level for Para athletes in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • To develop pathways for women in Para-sports at all levels.
  • To provide educational and cultural programmes which contribute to and support the development of the Paralympic Movement.
  • To support the global promotion and media coverage and vision of the Paralympic Movement through sport and related activities.
  • To promote the self-governance of each Paralympic Sport as an integral part of the national able bodied sport movement while maintaining its own uniqueness and identity.
  • To ensure that fair play prevails, health risks are minimized violence is removed and fundamental ethical principles are upheld.
  • To facilitate and nurture the growth of a drug-free environment for Paralympic Athletes in keeping with the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
  • To represent and support the Paralympic Movement without discrimination as it relates to political, gender, disability, economic, religious, sexual orientation or race.
  • To develop programmes and initiatives to support the sustainable growth of the Paralympic Movement in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region.