Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC)

In 1977, the late Mr. Kenwyn “Kenny” Rodriguez HBG founded the Pioneer Sports and Social Club (PSSC).    The organization was run by persons with disabilities (PWDs). The PSSC introduced sport not only for recreational purposes but more importantly as an intervention for the remedial treatment and rehabilitation opportunities for PWDs. The organisation again changed its name to the Paralympic Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago in 1992.

PAROTT athletes competed in the 1988 Paralympic Games in Seoul South Korea. Its wheelchair basketball team competed in the Spitfire Wheelchair Club Basketball Tournament in Canada (1998, 2004 and 2005).  In 2000 PAROTT organized and hosted the first ever Caribbean Wheelchair Basketball tournament in Trinidad and Tobago.

In July 2009, PAROTT formally changed its name to the Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committee (TTPC). With the assistance of the Trinidad and Tobago Alliance for Sport and Physical Education (TTASPE), TTPC began to reorganise its operations in preparation for membership application to the IPC. Work included the development of a Strategic Plan and the drafting of a new Constitution.

In November 2009, TTPC was granted membership in the IPC which signalled the start of a new era for the organisation.  This meant that TTPC would be able to participate in the IPC and IPC sanctioned events, establish contact with international sporting bodies, and receive organisational development support from the IPC.

With membership came a commitment and responsibility to act on behalf of the IPC in providing greater sporting opportunities for persons with disabilities at the community level; development of an optimal environment for high-performance Paralympic Athletes; and the creation of pathways for elite athlete development in Trinidad and Tobago.

The TTPC logo was designed by Mr. Keith Thomas a Trustee on the Executive Board. It combines the recognizable native Hummingbird in the Trinbagonian colours of red, white and black.  It also incorporates the IPC identity, which is the red, blue and green elements called Agitos (from the Latin word "agito", meaning "I move"). They encircle a centre point to represent that athletes are coming from all corners of the world to compete together.

The unification of the two identities symbolizes TTPC’s proud commitment to empowering persons with physical disabilities through sport. The identity is an expression of partnership, leadership, and fairness, while promoting a strong and vibrant Paralympic Movement across Trinidad and Tobago.